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If we have not been introduced, I am a full time crafter who has a happy busy life.  I do shows from July to December.  I also do two farmers markets in the Summer.  What do I make?  I am a boutique soap maker, making small perfumed batches of specialty soap.  Also, perfumes, lotions and bath products.


I am also known locally for my jewelry, especially charm bracelets.  I love to spend hours making each one, and they are all one of a kind.


Feel free to browse and purchase from my website, it has been a labor of love to create!

*******Market season is over, and I know that some of you will miss our visits.  We can still do business!  If you would like to purchase something that you don't see listed, please send me a message.  I can tell you what fragrances of soap I have available or make a special serving utensil for you.  I can email photos and ship USPS Priority.  I take credit cards, checks and PayPal!



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Next up!

Painesville Farmers Market

May 25

Details to follow


Lakewood Farmers Market

June 24

Details to follow





        I also have a Facebook page, "Elizabeth Vilkas Design".

Check out my Etsy Shop!  (bethvilkas50)

My vintage collection is on EBay (eve1899)

New!  Amazon Handmade (Enter Elizabeth Vilkas in the search bar)



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    If you are local and want to purchase something that you see here, message me

    and I will be sure to bring that item to a show.


    As always, thank you for your support!